China to host BitcoinExpo 2014

Shanghai‚ China – Once in a awhile bitcoin groups from different places organize meetups to discuss what′s happening in and around bitcoin. Meetups step up now that China plans on hosting Bitcoin Expo 2014.

The conference′s official description reads:

“BitcoinExpo China 2014 is a three day conference and expo that will take place in Shanghai in September 2014. It aims to provide the bridge for many start–ups‚ service providers‚ and established traders to cross the Asia-gap. Presence of general public‚ prominent media‚ local delegates‚ and local market key players‚ makes this Bitcoin conference a valuable opportunity for your business entering the local market‚ or Asian supply chains.” – bitcoin magazine

Other bitcoin events scheduled in 2014

January 25‚ 2014 – North American Bitcoin Conference – Miami Beach‚ Florida‚ United States

12-13th of February 2014 – Bitcoinvention Asia 2014 – Makati‚ Philippines

April 11‚ 2014 – Bitcoin Expo 2014 – Toronto‚ Ontario‚ Canada
These events offer merchants a chance bitcoin merchants and investors alike to showcase there stuff and A chance for bitcoin enthuasiast and newbies to explore the world of bitcoin.

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3 thoughts on “China to host BitcoinExpo 2014

  1. How can I tell if an alleged “Business Opportunity” is actually a ponzi or pyramid scheme? I just started a $2 weely subscription with a company called RWJ Marketing, But now… I’m starting to worry that the claims they are making are too good to be true And I’ve possibly fallen for a scam! 😦

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