Bitcoin Now more accessible to Latin American Community


Argentina‚ Brasil‚ Chile‚ Colombia‚ Mexico‚ Peru‚ and Uruguay are now able to buy  bitcoins faster than before. Thanks to Mt. Gox as it recently enterend a deal in partenership with astropay.
Astropay accepts payments in local currency‚ especially in Latin American Region‚ through local bank transfers‚ direct debit and cash payments‚ and find ways in settling offshore transactions with partnered merchants‚ in this case‚ Mt. Gox.
One will just have to connect their Astropay account and Mt.Gox account to start funding their account.
With this news our customers coming from Latin American region will be much happier hearing this as funding their sbobitcoin account make it faster and easier through this partership with Mt. Gox and Astropay. Don’t be left behind‚ take this opportunity to play with the market leaders like SBOBET‚ IBCBET & Pinnacle Sports‚ only can bring

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