Glabal Bitcoin Conference, India

Utah Software Engineer Mints Physical Bitcoins

Two conferences (laBitconf Inside Bitcoin) and one expo (Fintech EXPO) are down early this month and an upcoming Global bitcoin Conference to wrap up the years′ events in the bitcoin world.
Global Bitcoin Conference is set on December 14th – 15th‚ 2013 in Sheraton Hotel‚ 26⁄1 Dr. Rajkumar Road‚ Malleswaram–Rajajinagar‚ Bangalore‚ India.

“Bangalore, India. Home to over 350‚000 IT Professionals‚ it already has a very strong bitcoin base. Bangalore is a cosmopolitan city whose citizens have a penchant for buying gold to protect against the Rupee′s decline. We are hosting the Global Bitcoin Conference presented by Butterflylabs‚ a smack bang in the middle of Bangalore‚ at the beautiful Sheraton Hotel. Why not spend a long weekend here, with the GBC as the highlight.
Events are all inclusive and are mix of networking‚ learning and increasing awareness. The program is designed to provide an overview of where the virtual currency industry is today and its future potential, and our panel of top venture capitalists will discuss what business opportunities are on the horizon. We will try to keep the speakers time to 15 minutes. Short and sweet.”

As most of these events focus more on startup companies planting seed in the bitcoin industry and regulation issues with the government, other parts of the world may still be clueless of what bitcoin is.

Google trends graph shows the regional interest in bitcoin search from January 2009 to present. Notice that little or no search volume is coming from Middle East and African region than the rest of the world.


It may take time to enter the market of these areas, but on the second thought, with the internet available, these places are just a click away.

More news only here in Sbobitcoin



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