Killfish Bar in Russia will now accept Bitcoin

Good news for those Russian Bitcoin enthusiasts and even not as Killfish (a Russian bar franchise) has formally started accepted Bitcoin as one of the payment form in their country. No wallet address? Need not worry for Killfish bar allows users to create their own wallets using credit cards and multiple payment services as well as bitcoin. Once an individual have already set up his wallet, you may now proceed to transact using your bitcoin. Take note that there’s an imposed fee but don’t over react yet because it will just cause you 0.0001 BTC or just a cents. However, you must remain calm and patient while waiting the process because this wasn’t be smooth or fast, as it took half hour to verify multiple confirmations.



Killfish bar is not the first bar to accept Bitcoin as payment. There’s The Pembury Tavern in London who accept this crypto-currency earlier this year, Sydney’s Old Fitzroy became the country’s first bar to accept bitcoin back in September and there’s China as the very first bar in China to accept bitcoin.



Find more at Coindesk.

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