Silk Road alleged Ross Ulbricht wants his Bitcoin back from Police

Ross Ulbricht the well–known mastermind of Silk Road, an online black market that operated as Tor hidden service and was very famous of its illegal drugs, says in legal filing that the currency should be returned to him because it’s beyond the civil forfeiture rules.


After the sudden shutting down of the black market and arresting Ulbricht in October, FBI release that they seized electronic wallets containing more that 143,000 Bitcoins in which is more than $30 million when converted into US Dollars.

New York Post reports that Ulbricht has also filed papers demanding that those Bitcoin claimed by FBI should be returned back to him. In a notarized statement, he says that he has also an interest as an owner and Bitcoins are not subject to seizure under federal forfeiture laws, since we all knew that there is no central authorities or government manipulating this crypto currency.

Bitcoin exchange rate plummeted from more than $1,000 a month ago to $708 USD today based

More of this article at The Register.

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