Europe CEV to qualify for Volleyball Womens World Championship 2014


Nine countries have already booked their places: host Italy, defending champions Russia and Germany from Europe, Brazil and Argentina from South America, and Japan, China, Thailand and Kazakhstan from Asia.
A record number of 141 countries took part in the qualifying process for the World Championship – a big increase on the 101 that did battle for a ticket to the finals in 2010.  Italy will host the women for the first time ever. As one of volleyball’s strongest and proudest nations, the best of women’s volleyball will have a wonderful stage to perform on, especially after an outstanding standard was set during the FIVB Volleyball Men’s World Championship in 2010. A total of six cities – Rome, Trieste, Verona, Bari, Modena, Milan – will host the FIVB’s premier tournament for women.
The FIVB Volleyball Women’s World Championship will feature 24 teams divided into four pools of six teams for the first round, which will be a round-robin system over five days – three matches per day – with four cities (Rome, Trieste, Bari and Verona) hosting a pool each. The top four teams of each pool will advance to the second round (in Bari, Trieste, Verona and Modena), where the 16 teams will be split into two pools of eight (top two of Pool A and B, third and fourth of Pool C and Pool D), with the top three of each pool advancing to the third round. The top three teams from the two second-round pools will advance to the third round with the winners, placed in each pool, while the second and third will be drawn.
The third and final round will consist of a round-robin system, with the top two teams of each pool advancing to the semi-finals before the final takes place in Milan on October 12. Will this be the day, on which Brazil wins its first ever World Championship title?


Money Line (Set Handicap) Asian Handicap (Set Handicap)
Jan 04 03:001.13 Belgium  4.44 Spain
Jan 04 03:301.19 Finland  3.85 Ukraine
Jan 04 03:001.38  –1.50 Belgium    2.78  +1.50 Spain
Jan 04 03:301.40 –1.50 Finland  2.72 +1.50 Ukraine

Jan 04 03:15

1.25 –2.50 Croatia  3.32 +2.50 Hungary
Jan 04 03:30

1.10 –2.50 Poland  4.57 +2.50 Switzerland

Join us to cheer for your favorite team!

Photo Credit: fivb

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