Ireland to accept Bitcoin

Yes it’s true! Some of Irish firms will accept Bitcoins instead of euro. To name some, these are Offally B&B The Ring, Dublin phone shop GSM Mobile and Wexford CCTV company Visiconnect. One thing they have in common is they will now patronize virtual currency which emerged way back 2008. Bitcoin.


ireland bitcoin


A brief recap last year where in this crypto currency has reached its exchange rate from $10 in March up to $1,000 this November. Due to its volatile characteristics, a lot of people, businessmen, establishments or even donations embraces and recognized the virtual currency in which considered as unique among other currencies.

The Bitcoin Association of Ireland, which was set up in 2013 to promote awareness of the currency and the companies who accept it as a form of payment, currently lists nine businesses where Irish consumers can spend their Bitcoin. These include an electronic cigarette supplier and bedding company as well as the previously mentioned B&B, phone shop and CCTV centre.

Becoming the most popular virtual currency in 2013 gaining recognition from different countries all over the world, no wonder it will travel a long span of time ahead.

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