Here comes Coinye Coin


Coinyecoin‚ the new cryptocurrency‚ was scheduled to be launched Jan. 11‚ has been put to pressure for early launch 4 days earlier than scheduled‚ January 7.

By its name‚ the new cryptocurrency in its creation was a parody inspired by the hip-hop singer Kanye West‚ thus it was originally called “Coinye West.”

Its developers like it‚ but Kanye′s lawyer says otherwise. West was later dropped for it attracting attention much to enough for Kanye′s lawyer to send them cease and desist letter.

“Consumers are likely to mistakenly believe that Mr West is the source of your services.”

With its launch‚ development is still in progress but developers are optimistic about it.

On the otherhand‚ cryptocurrency made more popular through the efforts of bitcoin creator has made its mark as the go-to cryptocurrency nowadays. With people and businesses from all shapes and sizes accepting bitcoins.

Like us‚ SBOBitcoin‚ foremost sportsbook broker to be accepting bitcoin in opening accounts for one to play in world–renowned and trusted sportsbook‚SBOBET‚ IBCBET & Pinnacle Sports.

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