Commercial Bitcoin Storage now with Insurance



Adoption to cryptocurrency is accompanied with the need to secure your acquired digital currencies.  

Guys behind Elliptic have initiated their way of securing your bitcoins.

“Elliptic Vault: secure‚ worry–free storage for your bitcoins.

The security of our customers′ data and funds is our top priority. We are committed to following and surpassing industry best–practices. We are also pre–emptively complying with all financial services regulations‚ and we are working with the UK government and financial regulators to help shape a sensible regulatory framework for digital currencies.” — ellipticvault


Vault features:

  • Insurance against loss and theft
  • Deep cold storage

Advanced “deep cold storage” techniques ensure the safety of your funds. Private keys are kept in multiple secure locations.

  • Coverage & pricing

Choose what aim to cover with the insurance, as the price goes with it.

  • Tracking & withdrawals

Withdrawals can be requested anytime and transactions with your stored, insured bitcoin can be tracked through the blockchain.

  • Full–reserve storage

Stored bitcoins will remain in the state the day you turn it over to the day you claim it.

Finally vault offers customer support to help you with their services offered.


Disclaimer: SBOBitcoin is not connected in any way with Elliptic Vault


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