Romanian Lawmaker for Presidency Says Yes to Bitcoin Donation


A Romanian presidential candidate has officially announced on Thursday that his campaign would accept donations in Bitcoin. To quote:

“I’m the first politician in the world who has announced that his presidential campaign will accept donations in bitcoin. It is a world first as far as I know.”

Remus Cernea Constance is a flamboyant independent member of parliament and an avid secularist, known for his campaigns against discrimination based on religious affiliation, and for the separation of church and state. He is a former member of the Green Party and a campaigner for sustainable technologies.


Photo Credit: Coindesk

Constance argues that this is the first step toward a transparently-funded campaign. Bitcoin indeed has several characteristics why most of the people appreciate its existence. Some of these are, anonymity, low transaction fees, easiest way to transfer and receive money and most especially, no central bank or any government institutions governing this crypto-currency which many thinks that might be the solution in money-laundering problems.

Meanwhile, early this year, Rep. Steve Stockman is now accepting the virtual currency known as bitcoin for campaign donations.


Photo Credit: Business Insider

Stockman, a fervent opponent of what he sees as the Federal Reserve’s decision to print money to stimulate the economy, has embraced Bitcoin as an alternative to the dollar, which he warns will become devalued as the central bank continues printing money.  

More of this article at Coindesk.


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