Tourist can Travel at Canada with just Bitcoin Itself

Canada is definitely optimistic about bitcoin, the digital currency that made its debut five years ago. Small number of Canadian businesses will now accept bitcoin as this digital currency are seen more convenient than other methods of payment. You can easily send directly and instantly from one person to another, avoiding processing and other fees usually imposed by banks or other third parties.  Another advantage is travelers can avoid carrying cash. Just make sure you have an install bitcoin wallet in your smart phone and there you go, you can travel at Canada with this digital currency.


Photo Credit: bitcoinprbuzz


The half–dozen merchants in Baie Saint–Paul are among 143 Canadian businesses accepting the digital currency, according to the Canadian Bitcoin Business Directory.

CEO and founder Roger Hardy said his company does business in 20 currencies and Bitcoin is now one more.

While it’s still a niche form of payment, it’s got “global buzz,” Hardy said from Vancouver.

The Bitcoin Alliance of Canada makes pitches to businesses and entrepreneurs about the digital currency. Executive director Anthony Di Iorio doesn’t see any downside for Bitcoin right now.

“The price will just continue to go up as more and more merchants start accepting it,” Di Iorio said from Toronto.


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