Bitcoin wallet in the browser. Send and receive instantly on any web page.

A Bitcoin wallet that runs right in your browser. Instantly creates an address and integrates into browser pages to make sending and receiving Bitcoin as frictionless as possible.

  • Receive Bitcoin through the automatically generated address along with a visual QR code.
  • Send Bitcoin by right–clicking on any address in a page or click on any Bitcoin payment link to popup a send button with the address and amount already filled.
  • Password encrypt your wallet so only you can send Bitcoin. The sender will be prompted for the password before any Bitcoin is sent.
  • Automatically view the value you are sending in the current exchange rate before you send. There are 18 different currencies currently available.
  • Import the private key of another wallet to use its address, or export the private key from the browser wallet to use somewhere else.
  • Show Bitcoin values in denominations of BTC‚ mBTC or μBTC.

See demo below

Given this extension will give bitcoin users convience like SBOBitcoin players use bitcoin for trasactions. To protect our customers from their daily fluctuating bitcoin price‚ SBO Bitcoin adopts the same rate when depositing and withdrawing bitcoins for game credits. With less than one bitcoin, recreational or professional punters can now enjoy and play with popular sportsbook not only in Asia but around the world.

Click here to join us!

Source: Github


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