Techies love bitcoins. 51 Percent of the Survey Shows

Tech in Motion, the event organizer sent out questionnaires to 18,000 members and 847 were kind enough to respond.

Respondents were asked if they would like to be paid in bitcoin, surprisingly, 51.1% said “yes, absolutely”. This somehow shows how this digital currency is appreciated not by just merchants but also by techies.



However, 18% said they would rather wait and see where bitcoin ends up in a year or two in which, these people are positive enough accepting this virtual currency as well. Probably they just need some enough proof and evident that it will surely last.

The remainder said they would rather be paid in cash, while 9.9% said they would not accept bitcoin payments, as they don’t believe the currency will last. Only 1.18% of those asked said they had no idea what bitcoin was.


More news here.


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