Bitcoin Real-time Price Tag for Brick and Mortar Businesses

What a nifty way to shop around with only bitcoin in your hand ‚ whether in your favourite retail store or any other brick and mortar stores. Using a bitcoin tag one can read what an items worth in bitcoin along with its dollar value and other information of the item. One feature that stands out is that it updates itself with the current bitcoin rate in the market.

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“Each BitTag is managed with the assistance of an accompanying iPad app. The app can either be used to setup the Tag or process a Bitcoin transaction by simply placing the BitTag on the screen. Alternatively‚ the Bitcoin transaction can be activated by a simple ‘shake’ of the BitTag‚ enabling a Bitcoin QR code to be displayed on the OLED display and scanned by the user′s smartphone‚ using standard apps like BlockChain.” –

Nifty as it is‚ SBO Bitcoin on the otherhand‚ provides assitance to gamers who want to experience playing in Asian bookies. This way is more convenient on their side‚ just tell us your details‚ deposit‚ and we will do the rest.


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