English Premier League 2013-2014: Manchester City vs Sunderland

Manchester City against Sunderland game of Premier League 2013–2014 will be played at Etihad Stadium‚ located in the city of Manchester on 13th of February 2013‚ 03:45 (GMT+8).

Performance: D L W W W W W                     Performance: L W W W D D W

Tendency: Manchester City                          Tendency:  Sunderland

Last matches D L W W W W Last matches L W W W D D
Last home matches L W W W W W Last home matches L W W D W W
Last away matches D W W W D W Last away matches W D W D W D

Last 5 Match Results:  Manchester City

man last match

Last 5 Match Results: Sunderland

sun last match

Last 5 Match Results: Manchester City vs. Sunderland

League table org

League Table:  Manchester City vs. Sunderland


sun  and man home


sun  and man away


sun  and man total

England – Premier League

League table org

                                      Top 5 offensive teams
1 Man City 2.72 Goals per match 68 Goals Scored
2 Liverpool 2.52 Goals per match 63 Goals Scored
3 Arsenal 1.92 Goals per match 48 Goals Scored
4 Chelsea 1.88 Goals per match 47 Goals Scored
5 Man Utd 1.63 Goals per match 39 Goals Scored
                                     Top 5 defensive teams
1 Chelsea 0.80 Goals per match 20 Goals Conceded
2 Arsenal 1.04 Goals per match 26 Goals Conceded
3 Everton 1.04 Goals per match 25 Goals Conceded
4 Man City 1.08 Goals per match 27 Goals Conceded
5 Southampton 1.16 Goals per match 29 Goals Conceded

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