Glyde has Now Made Bitcoin Available as Payment Option

Glyde an eBay-like startup that lets users sell used electronics via its online marketplace has now made an option available payment in bitcoin.

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“The way we can help introduce people to bitcoin makes a lot of sense and is very exciting,” Drew Lieberman, Glyde’s CEO, said in an interview with CoinDesk.

He added:

“We want to play a part in helping to spread the word, to evangelize, and let people know about bitcoin.”

That’s quite certain that although bitcoin is popular among other people, especially in business ventures, establishments and even techie person, still some are keep mum on what and how bitcoin really works.

The Glyde marketplace is very simple to use. Firstly, an item is listed by answering questions that include the exact specifications of the device. Glyde then displays a recommended price for the item – although sellers do have the opportunity to set their own. When this process is completed, the device is posted on the site. When a buyer opts to purchase an item, the seller will be sent a notification and shortly afterwards will receive a packaging box from Glyde – of the correct size and complete with the buyer’s shipping information – in the US Postal Service mail.


To mitigate any sort of security issues that could occur by passing on used devices – potentially packed with sensitive personal or business information – instructions on how to securely wipe the devices clean are also sent to the seller.

Once the item is received, the buyer then has 48 hours to decide whether the item is satisfactory, and the funds – which are now, of course, payable in bitcoin – are then released to the seller.

So, rather than leaving those ageing devices to slowly lose all their value in your desk drawer, Glyde could be a convenient way to find them a new home – and make a little bitcoin in the process.


More of this article here.


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