San Paolo to be upgraded


San Paolo: To receive an upgrade

Authorities have confirmed that there will be upgrades at the San Paolo stadium‚ Napoli′s home venue.

Italian authorities have confirmed that there will be upgrades at the San Paolo stadium, Napoli′s home venue.

While there had been speculation the Partenopei would move to a new venue in the foreseeable future‚ Naples Mayor Luigi De Magistris revealed on Monday that plans to start work on the upgrade had already been made.

“I can confirm that we are on the right track‚” De Magistris told Radio Kiss Kiss Napoli on Monday.

“On Friday we sent the necessary documentation to Napoli so that they know the exact fees to be paid.

“Without this there would need to be a delay in proceedings. Napoli will play at San Paolo and there will be a commitment to redeveloping the entire stadium‚” added the City Mayor.

There are strong indications that Napoli are happy with the current arrangement‚ which means work is likely to begin soon.

“We have now reached an agreement, thanks to De Laurentiis making himself available. He will pay the amount due before we move on to discuss the next steps. Sometimes things are not easy to sort out.

“Things will begin to move forward immediately. Once the payment has been received we can sign for the plan to go ahead‚” added Naples’ number one citizen.

“I would like for the research to be done before the end of the year, at which point there will be a commitment to putting the necessary money in to fund the building of the stadium.

“Will there be an athletics track? There is a commitment to create a project‚ I will trust those who have designed the most beautiful stadiums.”


Meanwhile Napoli′s mission: Third straight win over Lazio

Napoli defeated Lazio the last two times they met. Rafael Benitez′s side will again try to frustrate Lazio. Napoli scored a total of five goals in those two encounters‚ something that indicates how messed up Lazio′s defense is. Have Lazio made the right adjustments or is Napoli just too strong for them? Match will be on April 13 at 21:00 (GMT+8).


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