Monoprix in France, Another Retail Chain to Accept Bitcoin Payment

Major French retail chain Monoprix is making plans to start accepting bitcoin payments on its merchant website this year, according to the company’s director of e–commerce,Patrick Oualid. Although Monoprix is not the first merchant who first accepts the virtual currency, Qualid explain thath the company takes the same approach with bitcoin.


When asked why he thought accepting bitcoin payments would be good for his company Oualid explained:

“Monoprix has always been a pioneer and sought to bring to its customers what we do not necessarily see elsewhere. For 2,500 years, the Phoenicians sailed the seas to seek different products in the countries bordering the Mediterranean. We want to fill the same role.”


There is not yet much understanding of the “magnitude” of bitcoin according to Oualid but many at the company, even he, believe that bitcoin is not a flash in the pan.

Monoprix opened its first store in the French city of Rouen in 1938. It now has a presence in 85% of French towns and combines food retailing with hardware, clothing, household items and gifts. A subsidiary of the Casino Group, the company had over 300 stores across France as of 2008, according to online sources.

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US Oil and gas equipment supplier now accepts Bitcoin as payment

oil-gas eqpt

Decades into the oil industry, specializing high pressure equipments has catered to local and international clients which in turn face problems in settling payments. In the advent of digital currency, bitcoin, payments are made easy wherever you are in the world.

No wonder Mountain Equipment of New Mexico, Inc accepts its idea of using it as announced in their site last March 17, 2014.