Miami Heat at Philadelphia 76ers

miami heat Cover

The Miami Heat will travel to Philadelphia to meet the 76ers in an NBA 2014 game on Friday 17th of January 2014‚ 7:00 pm ET at Wells Fargo Center‚ Philadelphia‚ PA.

Performance  Philadelphia              Performance Miami Heat      
All Match: W–L–L–L–L–W  All Match:  L–L–L–W–W–W
Home:     W–L–L–L–W–L  Home:      W–W–L–W–W–W
Away:      L–W–W–W–W–L  Away:       L–L–L–W–W–W

Last 5 Match Philadephia 

DATE TO               MATCH        FT
16⁄01⁄14 NBA          Philadelphia – Charlotte      95:92
12⁄01⁄14 NBA          Philadelphia – NY Knicks     92:102
11⁄01⁄14 NBA          Philadelphia – Detroit    104:114
08⁄01⁄14 NBA          Cleveland – Philadelphia     111:93
07⁄01⁄14 NBA          Philadelphia – Minnesota     95:126

Last 5 Match Miami Heat

   DATE TO          MATCH      FT
16⁄01⁄14 NBA Washington – Miami    114:97
11⁄01⁄14 NBA Brooklyn – Miami 104:95 (OT)
10⁄01⁄14 NBA NY Knicks – Miami    102:92
08⁄01⁄14 NBA Miami – New Orleans    107:88
06⁄01⁄14 NBA Miami – Toronto    102:97

Last 5 Match  Philadelphia 76ers vs Miami Heat

  DATE   TO          MATCH      FT
31⁄10⁄13  NBA Philadelphia – Miami 114:110
07⁄04⁄13  NBA Miami – Philadelphia 106:87
14⁄03⁄13  NBA Philadelphia – Miami  94:98
09⁄03⁄13  NBA Miami – Philadelphia 102:93
24⁄02⁄13  NBA Philadelphia – Miami 90:114

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Winter Sports: IBU or FIS?



If you have an eye for detail‚ see what′s in store when you bet on these Winter sports.


Anterselva/Antholz in Italy (in the Trentino region) is a minor ski resort but it does boast a very impressive 510 metres (1673 feet) of vertical descent.


Szklarska Porebaa is famous‚ both for its fascinating mineral heritage and its extensive skiing. Partly wooded skiing takes place on the Szrenica (1‚362m) and Labski Szczyt (1‚471m) slopes of the Sudety Mountains from early December until mid April.


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Kings Embracing Bitcoins



kings apparel

Been eyeing on King’ apparel for ages but can’t get your hand on them for lack of funds?

Worry not as recent news has it that Official Sacramento Kings apparel is up for grabs using bitcoin. First on the record for a professional sports team to start accepting bitcoin not only for their apparel but also other merchandise and tickets in the history of National Basketball Association and entire sports itself.

In doing so‚ they are reaching out to fans far more than the usual. Suffice to say that they don’t want to get left behind in the bitcoin craze in the business industry around the world. It is said that the implementation of the said bitcoin payment system will start on the 1st of March.

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Major US Banks Prohibits Use of Credit Cards for Online Gambling


J.P. Morgan Chase‚ American Express and Wells Fargo all have stopped accepting transactions involving any online gambling.


“We don′t allow credit card transactions for this activity‚” said Steve O′Halloran‚ director of public relations and public affairs for Chase Card and Merchant Services.

Sanette Chao‚ a spokeswoman for American Express‚ said the financial services company “prohibits the use of the card for gambling services.”
“Gambling services‚ historically‚ account for a high number of card member credit losses and customer service disputes‚” Chao said.

“In compliance with regulation GG (Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006)‚ we prohibit the use of consumer credit cards for Internet gambling‚” said Brown‚ vice president of consumer lending communications with Wells Fargo. “The networks (Visa‚ MasterCard and American Express) monitor the merchant category codes and block charges that don′t comply with federal regulations.” – GPWA


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Poland Volleyball Plusliga: Effector Kielce vs. BBTS Bielsko Biala

Polish mens volleyball teams Effector Kielce and BBTS Bielsko Biala head for the last match of the round 11 basic phase in PlusLiga. Later today at 18:00 match will start in Legion Hall at Keilce City.

Odds for the teams to win (set handicap)


1.40 Effector Kielce

2.78 BBTS Bielsko Biala
Asian Handicap

1.88   -1.50 Effector Kielce

1.94  +1.50 BBTS Bielsko Biala

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